Your therapist, Mistress T has had a look at your file. You’ve come to her because you’re struggling with issues about the size of your penis. This is common for a lot of men. They see the size of cocks in porn. They realize they don’t measure up and begin to feel quite inadequate. Now according to your file that’s not your exactly your problem. Actually quite the opposite. You feel your cock is too big! Mistress T doesn’t really believe you, but her job as your therapist is to help you with whatever your issues are; even if they seem a little silly. In order for her to fully understand your struggle she will need to see your penis at full attention. So off with your pants! Time to show her just how big your cock really is!
Featuring: Mistress T
Duration: 16 min
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 270º

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