Caught By The Stepsisters, Seduced By The Stepsisters


Caught By The Stepsisters, Seduced By The Stepsisters

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Ever since your dad married again you haven’t had any time alone in the house. With the new stepmom and two stepsisters around, there are just too many people out and about to get any time to yourself. What does a guy have to do to get a decent jerk off session? Nobody likes a quick pump and blow. You need time to enjoy yourself, relax and let it build.
With everyone finally gone from the house, you decide to take advantage of the opportunity. Your cock almost explodes just at the thought of finally being able to jack off. You rush upstairs, open up the laptop and pull out your already throbbing dick. To keep the neighbors from hearing the moaning lesbians you have on your laptop porn, you toss on headphones. Only problem is you can’t hear Arielle Faye and Emily Mena, your new stepsisters, come back home early.
Your sisters make their way up to their bedroom, but they can see the back of your head through the door. They can tell you’re jerking off. However, instead of leaving you to it or freaking out, they are both interested. Very interested. Neither of them has seen such a big dick before.
The two girls sneak up behind you. Just as you’re about to blow a satisfying load all over your chest, Emily whips off your headphones. Alarmed, you jump back, dick flopping in the air. What are you suppose to do!? Arielle and Emily are just standing there, looking at your giant cock.
Thankfully, the girls know what to do. They don’t want your erection to go away. So they instantly get on their knees and start taking in your cock. Watching your juicy meat disappear into the mouth of one stepsister, then the other, is strange at first, but so damn hot. Your cock has never been this hard before. You could almost give them one last good thrust and nut deep inside their throats.
As if they could tell you were about to spray wads of your man milk, they stop sucking your dick. But that’s when one slides your dick into her pussy while your other stepsister sits on your face. Fully engaged, you’re going to fuck your stepsisters. The only question you’ll need to ask yourself is who is the lucky girl who gets your load.

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