Busty stepmom suddenly arrives home with a small issue on her head that bothers her all day long. She decided to share it with her stepson who realizes that she is kind of upset. The issue is that she cannot get pregnant due to dad’s slow sperm. The doctor believes that the problem may be genetic and wants to check out the quality of the sperm of a relative and there is a possibility that she would go for an artificial insemination. Son agrees to provide his sperm but he has difficulties using the sperm bank. Mother sees his struggle and decides to help him out. Son finds it difficult to refuse to this hot MILF and goes for it! Of course, he does not regret his decision and fucks her brains out. No more artificial insemination need – everything is done naturally!
Featuring: Amber Jayne
Duration: 31 min
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 180º

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