It’s a merger. Your organization has been purchased out by a considerably greater, and let’s be honest, better firm. Prepare yourself for an office governmental issues crap storm. Two days back, you were lord of the manor – VP of advertising. Since Astrid Star is here, you need to cooperate and it’ll be more hard to shroud the way that you don’t really do anything in the workplace. The CEO has requested that all divisions get together to examine vital contrasts after you ruthlessly shot down Astrid’s battle thought at a customer meeting. Fortunate for you Astrid is an enormous whore and her concept of “group building” is cooperating to purge the substance of your balls into her mouth. This won’t not be such an awful association all things considered.
Featuring: Astrid Star
Duration: 35 min
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 180º

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