Claudia, a voluptuous Spanish darling, is in an interview for a maid in a certain house. With the jewelry box in front of her on the table and an expensive necklace inside of it, and no one around her (or so she thought), this young hottie decides to take the necklace. Little did she now that the lady of the house Kira Queen, a stunning MILF looker, was standing right behind her the whole time. So, Kira decides not to call the police if Claudia would fuck her step son. Naturally, Claudia agrees and goes on to ride his big cock, with the step mom joining them at some point, until it actually exploded cum inside of her pussy and Kira licked all of the spunk from that tasty cream pie.
Featuring: Kira Queen, Claudia Bavel
Duration: 42:20 min
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 180º

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