I Don’t Cook But Who Cares


I Don’t Cook But Who Cares I Don’t Cook But Who Cares I Don’t Cook But Who Cares I Don’t Cook But Who Cares

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While Candice was all alone in the house, she was not sure what to do. As she got downstairs, she suddenly started to feel a bit horny, so began to take off her clothes. As she got to the kitchen, her small tits were already exposed, and her horny levels kept rising and rising. Soon, her shorts came off as well, and because she was not wearing any panties to begin with, it didn’t take too long for her to start teasing herself. Candice got on top of the counter in the kitchen, and she put one of her legs on the small table, while she put the other one on a black leather chair. By having her legs spread wide open, she took one of her fingers, lubed it up with her saliva, and then slowly slid it between her pussy lips, which made her moan slightly as she was already quite horny. Since Candice knew that she always has a better orgasm the longer she teases herself, she kept on sliding her finger and from time to time she did a couple of rubs on her clit. Once Candice couldn’t hold back anymore, she leaned backwards before she began to plunge her love tunnel with two fingers at the same time. As she was penetrating herself, she kept moaning in the most seductive manner that no man could ever resist. Eventually, she got to the point where she began to cum, spraying lovely juices all over the kitchen counter and the floor as well.

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