I’ll Show How It’s Done


I’ll Show How It’s Done I’ll Show How It’s Done I’ll Show How It’s Done I’ll Show How It’s Done

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Things have been way too boring for hot coed Rebecca Volpetti since the lockdown. She can’t go out, can’t see her friends, can’t swipe right and get the dick she loves. It’s driving her crazy. The combination of boredom and sexual frustration has her mind racing and her body craving release. One morning after her mother has gone to work, she decides to have a little fun by seducing her stepfather. He is working from home so the two already spend all day alone together. Why not take things a little further and get her the attention and sex she craves? In this VR porn videos, she put on her tightest pair of shorts and a t-shirt that left her belly bare and stood at the door of your office until you noticed her. Once she had your attention, the pretty blonde girl lifted her shirt and watched you stare at her perky young titties. Watching you stare at her has Rebecca turned on and she just can’t keep her hands out of her shorts. She kicks them off just as you take out your cock and start to stroke it. It is big and hard just like in her fantasies. You stroke it, staring at her pussy and making her wetter by the second. Your strong hand pumps up and down on your thick shaft while she spreads her legs and slides her slender young fingers into her tender twat. She can see your body tensing, your desire growing. Closing her eyes, she feels herself going over the edge, climaxing on her fingers. She opens them just in time to see you shoot your load all over yourself. Smiling Rebecca heads upstairs. Tomorrow she is going to take it even further.

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