I’m Better Than Your Ex


I’m Better Than Your Ex I’m Better Than Your Ex I’m Better Than Your Ex I’m Better Than Your Ex

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Scarlett Jones is one of the most popular girls on campus. She takes the star athletes and has all the friends she could hope for. Still, her best friend is none other than her stepbrother. They have always been close, so when his first girlfriend dumps him, Scarlett wants to help cheer him up. She invites you into her room to talk to you about the girls she could set you up with. While you talk she tries on some new outfits that bought and asks you how you like them. Your reaction gives her another idea. She has been horny due to watching some VR porn lately and you need cheering up. Perhaps there is something that will help you both. As she poses, Scarlett tells you how many girls would feel lucky to be with you because you are so handsome, funny and sexy. She lets you take a long look at her in a barely-there bathing suit that exposes her round ass and has her big firm tits nearly popping out of the top. Deciding to give you a treat she lets them out and loves the look you give her. She can see that your cock is hard and tells you that she wishes they could play together, but it would be wrong since they are kind of almost related. Even though they can’t fuck, Scarlett is willing to help her stepbrother get off. She strips out of her suit and tells you to start stroking your cock while she plays with herself. You don’t hesitate, showing her your long stiff pole while her fingers caress the wet, smooth lips of her pussy. You watch each other as your strokes increase until you climax together. Scarlett assures you will find someone new and if you don’t, she is more than willing to give you another private VR porn show any time you get horny.

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