Everyone hates going through security at the airport. It always takes forever and you never know when they will go through your luggage. For Ryan Keely, today started off terribly. A security agent pulled her out of the line and put her into a private area for questioning. It seems they found some odd electronic items in her luggage. Ryan Keely knows exactly what it is that has them confused. She always travels with an assortment of sex toys. Have the TSA Employees never seen a vibrator before? Maybe not. Perhaps it is time for Ryan Keely to educate this security officer on exactly how the sex toys are used and how much fun a vibrator can be. She can see the look in his eye. He wants it and she is more than down to give it to him. Hopefully, the private security room is soundproof.
Featuring: Ryan Keely
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 360º

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