Naughty dungeon VR sex featuring Tia and her Master! Watch this fetish porn scene with Machines only at the Virtual Porn Website.
Tia stands tall in her PVC outfit against her master’s restraint cross. Long sexy legs in her stilettoe heels. Next to her is waiting a fuck machine? “So master, we are back in the dungeon again” she grasps onto the restraints with both hands. “
We have had some really good times in here, the naughty things that you’ve made me do, but maybe it’s time for a change… Have you brought me something? Something a little bit naughty maybe?” Tia struts over to the red leather bench where the fuck machine is waiting for her pussy.
“Hmm what’s this?” she starts to stroke the dildo on the end of it. “A nice big cock, a bit like yours! And look at this machinery, ooo I wonder what this does? How much pleasure this is gonna give, this is definitely worth investigating.”
Tia sits down on the bench with her face right up against the dildo, “hmmm, do you think it will feel good if… I put it in my mouth” she starts to suck on the end with her tongue she licks the tip “would it feel good if I was doing that to you?”
Tia can’t wait to get fucked by this machine “would it please you master?” she slowly licks and sucks the dildo imagining it inside her tight little pussy “what would this feel like inside me? Pumping this hard cock inside my pussy”.
Tia starts to pay with her tits, and rubbing the dildo around them. “Would you like rubbing your cock on my breasts? She slowly moves the dildo down towards her pussy. “What would this feel like inside, how can I please you?” Her PVC rubs on the leather chair and makes a squeaking sound.
Master turns on the machine as Tia is sucking the dildo, this gives her so much pleasure she rubs her tits and twists her mouth around it. ”Does this please you” she is eager to please her master! She pushes it down to her pussy.
Tia lies back she puts the dildo in her pussy, the fuck machine is rotating and sliding it in and out of her wet warm pussy. “I just like you fucking me master, deep inside my pussy” she moans as it goes deep inside her. “Mmm so deep” Tia’s voice is very gentle, as the machine gets faster her voice gets louder. The moans get more intense.
“From behind now master, doggy style?” Tia bends over for her master and gets fucked by the machine. “Oh master oh yeah” she spreads her arse cheek to the side for the dildo to push inside her pussy, backing up on the dildo she can feel the pleasure!
“This feels so good!” Her moans get louder as the machine gets faster “so deep doggy!” The panting from her orgasm makes her legs weak, she lies back onto the leather bench and lets the machine fuck her slowly for a while.
But this just isn’t good enough, she needs to be fucked harder and faster, Master makes the machine faster as she is about to reach her climax she moans louder and the clicking gets louder from the rotations.
“Ohhh yeah, oh I’m gonna cum, oh master I’m gonna cum” her screams are loud as she cums on the dildo she rubs her tits and body. As her orgasm calms she sits up “now I’m gonna taste my pussy juice” Tia sucks her juices off the dildo. “This fucking machine is so good”.
Featuring: Tia Saint
Duration: 17 min
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 180º

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