Kristen just loves her new workout video game. She’s always been a bit of a fitness buff, but the fact that someone could make a workout out even more fun is amazing! Today, she decides to show off the new workout video game to her boyfriend, Michael Vegas. Michael takes a seat on the couch as Kristen begins to work up a storm. The thing about Kristen is, she’s one of those girls who gets wet and excited when she works out. The harder she works out the more she wants dick. If she orgasmed and squirted right there, while working out, it wouldn’t be the first time (and one reason why she’s not allowed back to the local gym).
As Kristen works out, she can feel her pussy becoming tighter and tighter as she gets wetter and wetter. She needs cock and she needs it now. Just as she’s about to say something to Michael, her mother walks into the room, asking if she’d like something for lunch. Both her and Michael say no thanks and her mom leaves, but remains in the next room.
Even though her mom is in the next room, it doesn’t matter. Kristen is already worked up and she’ll remain worked up until she can get off. So she starts to show off a little skin to Michael. It starts with a little ass, but quickly works up to freeing her pussy and her tits. She can tell Michael’s cock is getting bigger, so she pulls him in and pulls his throbbing cock out.
Michael isn’t sure what to do. After all, her mom is right in the next room and could walk in any minute. Kristen doesn’t care one bit. In fact, it’s even hotter knowing her mom is in the other room. She won’t let go of his cock with her hand, and instead slides it deep into her pussy. Michael is now along for the ride. He thrusts deep into her as he grabs her tits. They try to keep it quiet, but the thumping of her ass into his cock becomes louder and louder, even while they try to keep their moans down to a minimum.
Michael can’t take it any longer. He pushes Kristen down to the ground as he unloads his cock all over her face and tits. Now what can they use to clean up?
Featuring: Kristen Scott
Duration: 18:08 minutes
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 360º

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