Living in Vietnam, Cindy Starfall didn’t have much opportunity, so she decided to take a leap of faith. She became a mail order bride. She really didn’t know what to expect when Ryan Driller placed an “order” for her. Cindy was excited to come to the United States and live in a better place, but she couldn’t believe her good fortune that such a hot-bodied man would pick her. So she wants to do everything she can to make sure he knows just how much she appreciates it.
One day, Ryan is working out at the home gym. Cindy just can’t get enough of his rippling muscles and tells him that she’d do anything to make him happy. To show Ryan just how much she loves being with him, she takes him to the bedroom and exposes her tight body. Her incredible exotic body is more than any man can handle. Of course, it’s also why he “mail ordered” her. He just wanted to have his cock balls deep in that tight little pussy.
But first, Cindy wants that throbbing piece of meat in her tight little mouth. As she swirls her tongue around Ryan’s shaft, Ryan knows his investment has already paid for itself, but this is just the beginning. After sucking him to near completion, Cindy pushes him back on the bed as she prepares her tight, wet pussy for his shaft. As she slides down onto his hard pole, Ryan has to do everything in his power to not explode inside of her. He wants to savor this moment for far longer.
She knows he is trying hard not to cum and she loves teasing him. But she also wants every single drop of his goodness coating her body and in her mouth. There will be plenty of time for him to unload his cum inside of her pussy. Right now, she wants to taste it. So right as Ryan is about to blow, she hops off and opens her mouth wide, ready for every drop.
Featuring: Cindy Starfall
Duration: 20:32 minutes
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 360º

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