Once You Go Black


Once You Go Black Once You Go Black Once You Go Black Once You Go Black Once You Go Black Once You Go Black Once You Go Black Once You Go Black

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

AJ Applegate has always had a secret fetish for black men. Just something about the thought of a raging, hard, black cock makes her pussy plump and wet as she craves a thick slice of that meat.
One night, AJ is at home when her friend calls. As they talk, AJ types away on her keyboard. Because there are no secrets between the two, when her girlfriend asks what she’s doing AJ tells her she’s checking out big black dicks. They are just so massive and engorged. Like nothing she’s ever seen or been with before.
Thankfully, AJ’s friend is in the know and tells her about this brand new escort website that features only the very best black men in the area. Since she’s never been with a black man before and she’s been craving cock lately, she decides to give it a try.
John Johnson shows up. He’s bigger and more ripped than AJ could have imagined. She’s not really sure what to do though. Not because she’s never been with a black man before, but because she’s never been with an escort before. John takes the initiative. He wants that tight white pussy wrapped around his shaft.
Going down on her is amazing. It makes AJ so wet. Her juices run down John’s face and he laps it up like an eager puppy. She arches her back as his tongue dives deep. She wants more. So much more.
AJ pushes John back with her foot as she slides his throbbing dark meat into her mouth. It fills her up and she can barely wrap her lips around it. Knowing just how much it fills her mouth makes her want it in her pussy. So she swings her legs around his firm ass and pulls him in, making sure his cock pushes deep into her pussy. She wasn’t expecting it that deep. She’s never felt anything that deep before. She cums a little bit on his cock right then and there, but she has so much more in store. And she can’t wait to see what all he has in store for her.

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