Statuesque blonde bombshell Amber Jayne couldn’t be happier with her new life. Recently married to a handsome and wealthy man, she finally has everything she ever wanted. Everything and a little bonus. Her new husband has a handsome young son who spends most of his time away at college. Even from far away, the young man fills his stepmother’s thoughts with naughty seduction fantasies. When she is with her husband, Amber often finds herself thinking of his young, hard bodies son. At home alone, she tries on sexy lingerie and practicing her seduction technique. Wondering if she would ever have the nerve to try it for real, Amber teases in front of the mirror, slowly exposing first one huge breast and then the other. She wonders if her stepson loves her big boobs as much as his father or if he would be more drawn to her firm around ass. As she rolls around on the bed she shares with her husband, Amber pictures son coming home from college and seeing her half naked. Her fingers find their way to her dripping pussy as she fantasies about spreading her legs and telling him to come to mama and let her make him feel loved like never before. Though she knows she will never act on them, Amber’s fantasies about her stepson give her best orgasms of her life.
Featuring: Amber Jayne
Duration: 11 min
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 180º

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