School Sucks And Sister Sucks


School Sucks And Sister Sucks School Sucks And Sister Sucks School Sucks And Sister Sucks School Sucks And Sister Sucks

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Hot coed Martina Smeraldi has it all, good looks, popularity, a rich new stepdad and a tight little body envied by girls and lusted after by all of their boyfriends. She was also smart enough to know that she wasn't nearly smart enough to get through her college classes without the right kind of help. Luckily for Martina, her new stepdad had a super-smart son who breezed through his classes. Martina had a plan to get his help with her classwork. She put on a tight pair of shorts and fishnet stockings, knowing she could catch his eye with just a wiggle of her tight butt. It worked like a charm and he was practically drooling over her hot booty. Martina had him right where she wanted him. Brother agrees to do her homework if she will do him. Sitting in his lap she feels his cock as it gets hard. Pulling it out, sister finds that he actually has a pretty big dick. Thinking he will be quick, she sits on his dick and feels it stretching her tight hole. He isn't about to rush though and takes her into her bedroom to fuck her properly. Martina is shocked to find that her nerdy brother knows how to use his big cock and that he can make her cum again and again. By the time she was finished, he was ready to bust his nut all over her face. As she smiled at brother, Martina knew that she was going to get her homework done and get properly fucked as part of the same deal.

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