Shalina’s Me Time


Shalina's Me Time Shalina's Me Time Shalina's Me Time

Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - Htc VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

You have been watching Shalina Devine closely since she came to work at your firm. It was difficult to miss her. Those long legs, especially in the short skirt she wears around the office. Her beautiful face, especially those stunning bedroom eyes. Shalina is the kind of beauty that turns heads and makes focusing on work nearly impossible. Noticing her was easy, but keeping it discreet was a problem. You thought you were doing well, sneaking a glance at her when you could and not letting on. Shalina is far more observant than you thought. She noticed you noticing her and she knows what you want. She also knows that you are married and an indiscreet office affair could ruin both of your careers. Still, some things are too powerful to resist. One night when you are working late she comes into your office and smiles. You are the only two left in the building and the look in her eyes tells you all you need to know. Slowly taking off her dress, she lets you stare longingly at her full perky breasts and meaty backside. You stare at her beautiful naked body as she tells you how long she has wanted you, how she has noticed you watching her and how much she wants to be bad, no matter what the cost. Spreading her legs for you, Shalina rubs her lips and exposes her tight pink hole. She wants you and beckons you over, but first you sit back and watch as her fingers invade her body and she cums all over the couch. Now it's your turn. Time to nail the office hottie.
Featuring: Shalina Devine  Duration: 10 min Frame rate: 60 FPS View angle: 180°

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