Stephie Staar had always wanted to squirt when she came so her hot friend Penny Lay decided to help her. Penny relaxed Stephie by kissing her and stripping off what little she was wearing. She then had Stephie lay back on the bed while she broke out a powerful vibrator and pressed it against Stephie’s shaved pussy. Stephie moaned with desire as Penny used the toy on her, her body writhing around on the bed. As the orgasm hit, Stephie’s legs shot up in the air, she came hard, and squirted. Penny kissed her again then admired her handiwork as Stephie relaxed on the bed basking in the glory of her squirting orgasm.
Featuring: Penny Lay, Stephie Staar
Duration: 09:28 minutes
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 180º

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