The Student


The Student The Student The Student The Student The Student The Student The Student The Student The Student The Student The Student The Student

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Leria Glow is struggling with her first semester of college. Her parents hire a special tutor to help. Already behind in her studies, Leria doesn’t pay attention at all. She is too busy texting her boyfriend and sending him pictures that they took the last time they fucked. To get him in the mood for their date later, she sends him VR shots of her sucking his big dick promising to do it even better next time. Tired of her attitude, the teacher snatches her phone from her hand, sees the photos she has been sending and decides that he needs to teach her a lesson. If she is not going to pay attention to her studies, then she needs to get used to being good for just one thing. Shocked by his tone, she is absolutely stunned when he takes out his hard cock and tells her that since she won’t study she can get busy sucking his cock instead. In this VR scene, he commands her to suck his cock the way she did in the pictures and the cute coed feels compelled to obey. Impressed, he lets her know that girls like her don’t have to study as long as they are so eager to choke on dick. Leria doesn’t like the way he is talking to her, but loves the way his big prick feels stretching her tight pussy. His fingers tighten around her throat as her horny hole creams harder than ever. She has so much fun obediently licking her juices off of his cock that she doesn’t notice his body trembling until he fills her mouth with cream. She never lets her boyfriend do that, but he tells her to get used to it since girls like her are only good as cum guzzling whores.

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