VR Lesbians have fun featuring adult stars Victoria Summers and Roxy Lea. Watch this hot Blonde and stunning Brunette get it on in full Virtual Reality action.
The scene begins with Victoria summers by herself on her apartment sofa. She is feeling explicitly capricious and wants to release some stress while her friend Roxy Lea is in the next room.
“Mmm oh my god, I’m getting so horny today. Mmm what could I do to release all this tension and stress? I think I need to give my pussy a good fucking and make myself cum really hard.” – Victoria announces seductively.
Victoria kicks off the naughty action by teasing her pussy over the top of her thong, rubbing and playing around her clit.
“So fucking wet, I wish you could taste how fucking wet my little cunt is,” she says just before she saying “How about we get those nice juicy tits out.”.
She gets her tits out and starts playing with her boobs and nipples, “Yeah, let’s get these tits right in your face.”. She starts bouncing them up and down before bending over and spanking her ass “See that nice juicy arse right there”.
She pulls down her thongs and slips the off to then sit back down and play with her pussy (with legs spread over). “Yeah just slap around that clit!”.
“But that’s not enough, I need my friend to help me.” (but not her girlfriend), she says as she picks her big black dildo up.
Again rubbing and slapping on her clit she says, “Let’s get that clit throbbing nice and hard.” She sucks it right before inserting it into her pussy. “Let’s feel that nice and deep, that big cock just filling my cunt up”.
At this point her legs are spread open while she fucks her pussy with dildo slow and fast etc. Starting to moan more and more, she takes it out and starts sucking it “Let me taste all that pussy juice” she says.
She bends over and starts to fuck her pussy from behind saying “I want to cum all over this cock”, starts moaning more.
After a while she stops and says “I need my girlfriend to come play with me, Roxy” she calls.
Roxy Lea walks in and they start kissing and stripping of Roxy. “Looks at that” Victoria says, “I’ve missed you”, as Roxy bends over with nothing but pants, bra and stockings.
After undressing Roxy and feeling her body and tits, “Is this the new toy you was telling me about?” says Victoria. After Roxy picks up her new vibrating dildo.
Roxy lies on her back while Victoria starts rubbing her clit with the toy. She then inserts it, “oh that feels so good.” says Roxy. Victoria starts to lick Roxy’s clit while fucking her with the dildo and makes Roxy moan loader. “tell me how you like it” says Victoria, “faster, harder” simply replies Roxy.
Next Victoria lies on her back and lets Roxy fuck her with the dildo. “I just wanna stick it right in there”, whispers Roxy as she gets faster. “Yeah, just ram it in there,”, Victoria moans in reply as Roxy proceeds to suck Victoria’s nipples at the same time as working the rod.
Victoria gets eager and demands “Let me taste it.” So Roxy pulls the dildo out and lets Victoria suck it, then passing it back to Roxy to suck.
To finish off the video, Roxy and Victoria both sit side by side legs spread; using their toys to dildo themselves. Both of them are moaning and ready to cum, (a lot of orgasms). They finally cum after lots of playing,
“Should we just stay in tonight?”, asks Victoria. “Yeah we don’t need the guys do we!” replies Roxy. The video ends as the two girls then leave to the bedroom together.
Featuring: Victoria Summers, Roxy Lea
Duration: 19 min
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 180º

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