Doctor’s Exam: Kiki Klout


Doctor’s Exam: Kiki Klout Doctor’s Exam: Kiki Klout Doctor’s Exam: Kiki Klout Doctor’s Exam: Kiki Klout

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As a doctor, I meet a lot of different people every day. The job can be pretty hard because people of different races, ages, and social levels bring their problems to my office in the hope of getting them solved in the blink of an eye. Sometimes I can help just by giving some attention by listening to them talk, giving a massage, or doing a special check-up, and sometimes I need to figure out what bothers the person sitting opposite me. When Kiki Klout VR adept entered my office, I didn’t suspect just a gorgeous, juicy, and confident-looking Brunette lady could be shy about talking about her issues. She said she had some concerns and wanted me to help her with them. I told her to raise her skirt and get on the medical chair so I could give her Shaved Pussy a thorough and deep check-up. I opened her pussy lips to check every inch of her sweet hole to find out if it was ready for a special procedure.

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