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Naughty America have quickly become one of the top providers of erotic VR content even though they’ve only been around since July 2015 as compared to a rival site, VRP (Virtual Real Porn) who are coming close to being a year in the business. When it comes to sheer force, however, NA surely is in the lead. A membership to the site doesn’t only grant you 3d content but also access to their entire library of 2d movies gathered from over 45 different sites coming in at around 7000+ scenes. Whether that is important to you as a VR user or not – and will affect which premium site you prefer – is something subjective but NA being so well established in the business already gives certain benefits. For instance they can have exklusive stars (Nicole Aniston who is the lead in one of the most popular VR porn videos in the community comes to mind) and one could argue that their network also gives them a ready to expand base to work from.

Normally NA updates around 12 scenes a week of which one is of VR content. That might sound as little VR content but as of right now 1 scene a week is pretty much the norm for all VR sites. NA has, however, done vague promises of increasing the rate of which they’ll release scenes (and their FPS) and hinted at VR becoming of more focus down the line. These changes are something we’ll probably see in fruition when the consumer versions of the Oculus and the likes arrive in early 2016.

NA’s theme is pretty much to indulge the viewer in certain fantasy scenarios. Some of these fantasy scenarios have let you be a teacher, a plumber, a student, a roommate to a hot girl, or even someone who has sex with your daughter’s friend. That the company is based in North America as compared to for instance VRP gives the advantage of having easy access to a lot of American pornstars that are already familiar to the core audience. These pornstars in turn also have the ability to interact with the VR user through dialog fluently as opposed to companies that are based in Europe who can struggle on this point sometimes.

Another thing of note is that NA has used a lot of older talent / MILF style pornstars such as Julia Ann in certain scenarios. This, combined with only one update a week, make the scenes in general to be either a hit or a miss depending on your preferences and how open minded you are. As VR is still working out its kinks, sites like Reddit debate violently regarding things such as if the male talent should touch the pornstars with his hands or if it ruins immersion. Whatever is the case, you will get a variety of scenes and experiences from the site regardless but if you have a certain, set, preference you might be better of with a rival site.