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Lilly Mays VR is happy to be home alone. She is in her first year of college and her course load has made holding a normal job very difficult. She has found that she can make extra money selling nude photos online. Since she lives with her mother and stepfather, she has to wait until they leave to shoot content. Believing they are gone for the day, she breaks out her latest slutty outfit and tries it on for some shots. Posing this way always turns her on and she is quite involved into the process. She doesn't notice when her stepfather enters the room and is startled when he confronts her. Lilly tries to say that it is just a hobby taking pictures, but he knows better. If she wants to be a porn slut for perverts online, she should probably go all the way. Before she can wonder what he means, he stuffs his fat cock in her mouth and starts fucking her face. He snaps pictures of her with her mouth full and then puts her on the table so he can bang her horny pussy. She had no idea he was this passionate and this big, but she loves every harsh thrust into her wet folds. He keeps staring at her breasts while they fuck, so she shows him a trick the guys in college love. Wrapping her big tits around his dick, she pumps up and down until he can't take it any longer. She takes a quick ride before pulling his dick out and eating his cum like a good girl. The photos are going to sell well, but more importantly, Lilly has a new dick in her life and it belongs to her stepdad.

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