Locker Room Incident 3


Locker Room Incident 3 Locker Room Incident 3 Locker Room Incident 3 Locker Room Incident 3

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I was cleaning the locker rooms, as it was my job. There was nobody in the whole building, and I decided to clean the female locker room. Yes, girls are very neat, but I still have to do the job. Anyway, I was mopping the floor when two hotties, Olivia Madison VR sunshine and Kay Lovely VR playful blonde, rushed into the locker room. They were excited and simply didn’t notice me when discussing the coach. I tried to make as little noise as possible, but, finally, they saw me. Olivia Madison and Kay Lovely even shouted at me at first in anger. That’s the normal reaction of any person who gets caught off-guard. I tried to explain myself, but the juicy Blonde and sexy Brunette didn’t want to hear anything. They wanted me to beg for mercy with some actions. I had to appease two cuties at the same time, so I had no other way out but to give them total Threesome satisfaction. I was rocking Olivia Madison and Kay Lovely on my dick by turns while they teased their tits with their talented tongues.

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