Medical Checkup: Maya Woulfe


Medical Checkup: Maya Woulfe Medical Checkup: Maya Woulfe Medical Checkup: Maya Woulfe Medical Checkup: Maya Woulfe

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Beautiful Maya Woulfe VR darling came to my office saying she needed a checkup, but she was too shy to speak frankly about her problems. I tried to calm her down, saying that I was a doctor and I wouldn’t tell anybody about her issues and that I already saw and heard everything that could come into her mind. Finally, Maya Woulfe trusted me and agreed to climb on the chair so I could do the checkup. I promised to be as gentle as possible. First, I opened her pussy lips and used the phonendoscope to get to the bottom of the problem. I told Maya Woulfe that her issues were pretty easy to cure, but I demanded some action from her. She happily agreed and told me she would obey and do everything I told her. After that, all I had to do was get rid of my clothes, lie down, and tell her to Deepthroat my dick. I enjoyed Maya Woulfe’s sweet lips and tongue caressing my erected cock and balls till I was ready to rock her hard in a Cowgirl position.

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