Alix likes to go out and do what she can to appreciate life. All things considered, you just live once, so for what reason not take full preferred standpoint of it? One day, sitting in the parlor with her companion Shy, they begin discussing life. At the point when Alix gets up, Shy finds a case with a can list agenda concealed in it. One of the things on the rundown, that presently couldn’t seem to be confirmed, was for Alix to fuck a dark person. Actually, Alix has never been with anybody not white. Knowing how much her companion likes sex, Shy chooses to take it on herself to enable her companion to check off this essential can list visual cue.
Timid masterminds a dark person to fuck the poop out of Alix. Along these lines, when Alix opens the entryway for Ricky Johnson, the two waste no time. She motivates ideal to work, going down onto her knees and pulling his long, thick bit of dim meat out of his jeans. Alix is inspired, yet on the other hand, she’d generally heard dark folks have a tendency to have mammoth cockerels. She needs to respect it, yet she needs the cockerel in her mouth significantly more.
While Alix mouth fucks Ricky’s mammoth cockerel, she is astounded how it keeps on developing. How could something so enormous get considerably greater!? When she is certain it couldn’t get any greater, she takes one final gulp and pushes Ricky down to the ground, mounting him in turn around.
As Alix rides the mammoth dark rooster, she can’t trust she is at long last fucking a dark person. One all the more thing to check off the pail list! She adores the amount he tops her off. Needing to watch his face while they do it, Alix swings around and rides him customary cowgirl style. In the wake of moving from cowgirl to standing doggy and after that standing teacher, she can feel Ricky’s thick dong start to tremble.
A moment before his rooster detonates in a shower of hot, sticky cum, Alix drops to her knees, taking each and every spurt everywhere all over. So great! Alix concludes this won’t be her lone attack to the dim side. Truth be told, she may never backpedal.
Featuring: Alix Lovell
Duration: 26:00 minutes
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 360º

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