Kira is a professional dancer. She spends all of her free time practicing turns and new footwork. All of this dancing keeps her body fit, tight and flexible. Is there anything better than a dancer’s body?
As Seth Gamble, you head on over to Kira’s house to hang out with her brother. Of course, he’s not home and he left his cell phone, so who knows when he might be back.
Kira sees you watching her dance. Caught red handed, you need to think of something. So you tell her you’ve wanted to learn how to dance and hope she can teach you. Of course, you already know how to dance; you just want her to rub up close to you. Kira sees this as a chance to practice the footwork of a lead, so she agrees.
Kira thinks it will be easier to learn in closed position, so she pulls you close to her body. You can feel her perky tits push up against your chest. She can feel your growing cock push up against her thigh. Like a true pro, Kira tries to avoid it at first, but eventually your dick becomes so big she just has to stop and admire the growing bulge in your pants. The two of you can’t continue dancing with so much tension building, so she decides to take matters into her own hands.
In the blink of an eye, Kira has your pulsating cock deep in her mouth. She milks every inch of you with her tongue, her hands clasping your ass for balance. Thankfully, she’s an expert in all sort of dance, including pole dancing. Only this time, she’ll be using your pole to do all her spins and tricks.
With her mouth warmed up, Kira is ready to engage the rest of her body onto your shaft. She pushes you back and straddles your cock. The hours upon hours she spends practicing dance is on full display. Here though she takes the lead. She is in complete charge of this dance, along with your cock. Sliding your dick deep inside of her pussy, she begins practicing her daily hip movements, rotating around your shaft like you’ve never experienced before. What she does next will completely blow more than your mind.
Featuring: Kira Noir
Duration: 16:44 minutes
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 360º

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