VR Webcam Fun with Amber Deen


VR Webcam Fun with Amber Deen VR Webcam Fun with Amber Deen VR Webcam Fun with Amber Deen VR Webcam Fun with Amber Deen

Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest 2/HTC VIVE - HIGH Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

“Pornstar Amber Deen returns home after a hard days work to find a surprise vr webcam client. Solo XXX VR Porn scene featuring petite blonde Amber and a dildo.”
After working at her busy office job, gorgeous babe Amber returns home feeling horny. Luckily, she has a surprise vr webcam viewing – a virtual reality webcam strip show. Watch as Amber slowly strips down out of her outfit to nothing but her stockings and heels in full VR.
“I’m ready to get dirty,” Amber says as she walks over to the kitchen drawer and pulls out a white dildo.
She begins to suck the dildo and rubs it on her tits, caressing her breasts.
As Amber gets to work fondling the white rod, she moans, “I wish your dick was in between my tits right now.”.
Next, Amber quickly bends over the counter and starts to dildo her pussy hard and fast. She pleases herself and enjoys thrusting the dildo inside and out of herself.
Amber then takes it out, she sucks the dildo seductively, saying “Let’s taste that pussy,” and then leaps up onto the counter exhaling, “My pussy is nice and wet for you”. Leaning back slowly, Amber prepares to play with the dildo with her legs wide open to the camera.
“I’m extremely horny today, for you.” At this point, she is on the kitchen surface with her legs spread open sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy thoroughly. You can see her expression laced with anticipation and desire.
Soon after, Amber cannot contain herself any longer and jumps down and goes back to her kitchen drawer – to pull out an even larger black dildo. She moans mischievously: “You’ve always wanted to see me with a big black cock.”.
‘White and black in the same day, greedy bitch.’.
Amber slams the black suction dildo to the floor with a grin on her face and begins to ride it, gasping, “I love being a dirty girl!”. Whilst riding the dildo, she begins to rub her clit, at the same time steadily pushing deeper and harder. Amber gasps with pleasure as she presses into the large black rod.
After pleasing herself completely mounting the black dildo, she then turns around and performs the reverse cowgirl, exposing herself to the webcam. “I hope you like the view baby.”.
“I want us to cum together” she states with bliss as she plunges the dildo into her pussy.
Amber eventually pulls the chair over to get comfortable and get ready for the final frenzy, “Just for you, an orgasm, from Amber Deen,”. She uses the black dildo with her legs spread wide, “Please cum at the same time!”.
Amber cums really hard, “I needed that after a fucking long day at work.”. At which point Amber blows a kiss to the camera goodnight.

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