Welcome to Doshi Cafe


Welcome to Doshi Cafe Welcome to Doshi Cafe Welcome to Doshi Cafe Welcome to Doshi Cafe

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There are so many coffee houses in every city that it’s pretty hard to amaze a possible client with anything. Nicole Doshi VR jewel thought hard, and finally, she came up with an idea that outlined her coffee house, among others. She welcomes every client wearing a tiny white Bikini, Stockings, and an apron that barely hides her naked beauty. She told me I was the first client, and she was excited to do everything to please me. Maybe she thought I would order a coffee or hot chocolate, but another kinky thought came into my mind when I saw her. I was feeling shy a little bit when I expressed my idea, but I told her I wanted to dive deep into her mouth and pussy. I was very surprised when Nicole Doshi kneeled, unzipped my pants, and gave me a blowjob while caressing my balls with her soft hands. She didn’t stop at that but told me to lie down so she could ride my dick. Well, I’m not sure if Nicole Doshi is a good barista, but she is a talented cock sucker and rider who knows what a man needs to be satisfied to the full.

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