Workout with Madison Wilde


Workout with Madison Wilde Workout with Madison Wilde Workout with Madison Wilde Workout with Madison Wilde

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I love testing new gyms with new coaches and equipment. I get new experiences and new ways of improving my physical condition, as well as new sexual adventures. For example, once I walked through the door of the gym, gorgeous Madison Wilde VR coach welcomed me. She gave me a wide smile and a handshake that showed me she was strong, had an open mind, and had a beautiful body. Madison Wilde noticed my muscles right away and asked if I had ever visited the gym before or if I was still a novice. I didn’t hide the truth from her. She told me to lie down so we could start with a little stretching and massage to prepare my body for further exercises. Well, that was the plan, but we failed to stick to it. I agree that doing push-ups, squats, and lunges is very useful, but I think that getting a Blowjob right before fucking my gorgeous coach through her tight yoga pants in Cowgirl pose is more pleasant. I’ll surely be returning to the gym as long as Madison Wilde does the private workouts with me.

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