Posh Princess Shaline Devine enjoys all the finer things in life. She lives in a fantastic apartment, wears designer clothes and has her choice of any man (or woman) she wants. She also has enough free time to enjoy herself. One of her favorite things to do is get all dressed in a sexy dress, stocking and heels and treat herself to a say of shopping and spa treatments. These days take care of Shalina’s need to pamper herself her love of new, expensive things. The one thing that is missing is the sexual satisfaction she craves. Sometimes she invites a lover over so she can show off her new clothes and have an afternoon of great sex. Other days, she comes home alone and has to take care of things herself. She will stretch out on her sofa, strip herself slowly out of her expensive dress and then her sexy lingerie. Her fingers dance gently over her stiff nipples, making her pussy moist with anticipation of the intense orgasms to follow. This only makes it easier for her finely manicured fingers to slip gently between the folds of her sweet pussy lips. Shalina imagine a lover watching her from the stairs, enjoying the show as she fucks her tight hole and finally cums uncontrollably on her hands. Yes Shalina loves the finer things in life, including her own juicy cunt.
Featuring: Shalina Devine
Duration: 12 min
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 180º

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