Geishas are incredibly skilled in the art of entertainment. Like others to come before, Marica takes her art form incredibly serious. It is her duty to entertain her guests, however necessary. Other geisha she knows entertain men through song, music or dance. Marica keeps her men entertained by milking their cocks with her tight, skilled pussy.
Marica Hase is entertaining you (as Derrick Pierce) through the timeless geisha art form of seduction. She wants you to learn more about her culture while remaining completely engaged. She pours you a customary cup of tea to start. It is there to help relax both the body and mind.
Relaxed, it is now time for the main entertainment. Her seductive, skilled hand movements send shivers down your spine as goose bumps run up your arms. Before you can even ask her more about being a geisha, her hands are on your pants, your cock growing and pushing up against the fabric.
As a geisha, Marica is very good with her hands. With her eyes melting yours, her delicate yet knowing fingers open up your pants and produce your throbbing dick. She’s impressed with what she sees. A big cock says much about a man in her culture. She now wants to show you how they treat big cocks.
Pushing you back into your seat, the seductive geisha takes your full dick into her mouth, playing with your balls as she swirls her tongue around the shaft again and again. To become a geisha, it takes years of dedicated training, learning the different skills necessary to please her man. Sucking dick just happens to be one of her most important skills.
Milking your shaft is not all Marica knows how to do. With your cock glistening from her spit, she pulls back her skirt and mounts you. What you’ve heard before is proving to be true. A geisha really does have a firm, tight pussy. As her pussy contracts around your shaft, tightening and massaging it at the same time, you feel as if you are going to blow. However, as a dedicated geisha, Marica is not ready to let your entertainment end for the night. No, in fact she is just starting with you, so lean back and relax. Marica is going to take good care of you.
Featuring: Marica Hase
Frame rate: 60 FPS
View angle: 360º

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