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Alexa Tomas was born on March 19, 1985, in Valencia, Spain. She was always a sexual person who liked to experiment, but she was never a promiscuous girl. This hot Spaniard lost her virginity when she was eighteen years old to her then boyfriend, with whom she spent nine years. When she was twenty-six years old, Alexa met her current husband, the porn actor Joel Tomas. With him she enjoyed to experiment in every way possible. Prior porn she has slept only with three men and had an experience with a girl when she was thirteen years old.

Tupper-Sex Lessonvideo

Tupper-Sex Lesson



The Mating Room VR Pornvideo

The Mating Room

Joel Tomas, Masseur VR Pornvideo

Joel Tomas, Masseur

Looking For Help VR Pornvideo

Looking For Help

Fitness Sexvideo

Fitness Sex

Interactive Lovevideo

Interactive Love

Three-Course Mealvideo

Three-Course Meal


Red Passion


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